Inspired by Victory

The Victory Church Center team with Cornerstone Ministries Malawi staff at the High School site.

By Samuel Malasa Banda

The Apostle Paul reframes words of Prophet Isaiah; “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news” in Romans 10:15. For Cornerstone Ministries Malawi hosting 24 missionaries from Victory Church Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma was a manifestation of the scriptures.

Spending only a day at Cornerstone did not deter them from achieving their mission; spreading the word of God through demonstration of good works.

The team first went to Rwanda where they preached Christ and helped in Christian organizations before spending three days in Malawi.

Dividing themselves into two groups, they worked on helping builders at the Cornerstone Christian High School construction site while the other group slashed bushes around the site.

With a clear demonstration of passion and zeal for work, leader of the delegation Mark Kresge attributed his team’s eagerness to having a purpose;

“Our inspiration is that our church is missions minded and we are very passionate about spreading the message of Christ. Not only the message, but also being the hands and feet of Jesus. We believe this is both important and Biblical that’s why our team is very passionate about supporting the local church.” Said Kresge, who is also the Young Adults Pastor at Victory Church Center.

Commenting on the activities being carried out by Cornerstone Ministries Malawi in Salima, Kresge admired the tremendous impact that Cornerstone is making on the kids and youths of Salima through its programs.

The team comprising 17 ladies and 7 males had time to tour the After-school program that runs every day at Cornerstone where around 180 kids are given class lessons and provided with meals and snacks at the end of learning every day.

The leader of mission’s group further said Urban Promise International and Cornerstone’s vision is amazing. He commended the ministries that they are building and providing education for the next generation while strengthening the local church and community for Christ.

Inspired by the missionary team’s zeal, Cornerstone Ministries Malawi’s After-School Program Director, Tionge Matangula said the visiting team has demonstrated to them the real definition of being sold out for Christ.

“Their attitude towards works was so awesome. I am marveled at how they worked tirelessly despite being their first time doing such kind of work.” Said Matangula, admiring how selflessly they worked.

Matangula further thanked the team for considering visiting Cornerstone as he said this also serves as an encouragement in the ministry’s daily work.

Spending their last day before departure at Cornerstone Ministries, members of the team applauded Malawians for being very warm.

“The people in Malawi are very welcoming, joyful and resourceful. And we are happy at how creative the people are by making use of every resource they have. The people are very definition of stewardship,” Acclaimed Pastor Kresge, “I urge Cornerstone and other Christian ministries in Malawi to continue the good work, and don’t get tired doing the good work as Galatians 6 says.” He concluded.

The team that was a combination of beginning and veteran missionaries did not just fulfil their mission of preaching Christ, rather they demonstrated true stewardship by committing themselves to work and gaining victory over every endeavor they partook.



Author: cornerstonemalawi

Cornerstone Ministries’ vision is to create a better community in Christ where children and youth are empowered and their lives transformed.

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