Hurray! The Holiday is over

By Samuel Malasa Banda

New academic year of the Malawian school calendar indicated September 5th as the starting date. As Cornerstone, the After-School program (ASP) usually starts a week after public schools open.

This term, it was not easy.

Kids and their parents started flooding our premises a month before the opening date in order to have their kids registered for the new after-school program year.

For the After-school Program Director, Tionge Matangula, the response from the community is so overwhelming that they cannot handle the increasing number of kids anymore.

“We initially designed the after-school program to have a total of 150 kids so that they can comfortably learn. But now we have over 180 kids and we have even started turning others down due to the insufficiency of resources” laments Tio.img_4097Picture: Kids that turned up for the first week of the After-School Program. 

This is the second week since the opening of the ASP this year and the camp has received 60 new beginners for standard Four.

What’s the other beautiful thing?

There has been a sustained trust between Cornerstone and parents as evidenced by receiving of more than 20 kids whose elder siblings graduated or are in higher classes at the after-school program.

“Most parents are eager to continue sending their kids to the ASP because they have seen the transformation that has happened in their other kids who have undergone the program, ” says the After-School Program Director.

In 2013, on the very first day of launching the Cornerstone After-school program, only 7 kids turned up. Three years later, the program boasts of more than 150 kids and others being put on the waiting list. What else should we thank God for, if it is not for this enormous growth?



Author: cornerstonemalawi

Cornerstone Ministries’ vision is to create a better community in Christ where children and youth are empowered and their lives transformed.

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