Chikondi outside the Cornerstone Christian High School block


My name is Chikondi Elvis Chabakha.  I am a proud 26-year-old Malawian young adult.  I graduated from ABC in 2013.  Upon my graduation, I came to Cornerstone Ministries Malawi for a one-year internship as a partial requirement for my participation in Urban Promise International’s fellowship program.  By the end of the year in the fall of 2014, I was privileged to be one of the five Malawian graduates that flew to the U.S. to continue with the fellowship program within a different context for two years.  Honestly, I will always celebrate these two years as among the most significant stages of my life.

My first highlight was doing the graduate studies at Eastern University in Organizational leadership.  It was one of the most humbling and yet inspiring experiences of my life.  First, it was humbling because it helped me get a glimpse of what leaders do in the background; most of it tough.  I realized that it is so easy to judge leaders by what they do in public, and neglect all the hard work they put forward for the benefit of many.  Again the graduate was designed in a way that it exposed us as students to both academicians and practitioners on the different areas of leadership.

The experience was so phenomenon because I had the privilege to get to know people from different parts of the world.  Within two years I had 19 housemates and four roommates.  Some from Korea, Scotland, Kenya, and different parts of the USA.  Each one of these people spiced up our community life in a special way. I.e. Music, sports, food, dressing and many other cultural values.  I am so grateful to God for an exposure to such rich diversity.  It changed me.  Not only, do I respect people that are different from me because it’s a command in the Bible, but also because, I lived it and I had a chance to appreciate the beauty and the brighter side of everyone that I encountered.

I think of my two years as a time of self-awareness.  I found it easy to know myself better around people that are not very much like me.  In my process of getting to know other people’s different ways of living, reasoning, worshiping and, practicing faith, I found myself.  I am more proud of the gifts God gave me.  This experience also extremely broadened my worldview.  And, again I appreciated the opportunity to view and thank about the state and future of Malawi from outside.  It is very good.

I thank God for his provision and comfort for the whole time I was in the US.  He gave me friends, family, wisdom, encouragement, protection, guidance, and even material things that I needed in order to survive and thrive through my stay in New Jersey.

Now that am back home, I am super excited to share my blessings through my ministry at Cornerstone Ministries Malawi.  It such an unthinkable honor for me to serve as principal of the newly launched Cornerstone Christian High School.  My only confidence is in the finished and perfect work and the wisdom of Jesus Christ.  With His presence and guide, I am able.

Author: cornerstonemalawi

Cornerstone Ministries’ vision is to create a better community in Christ where children and youth are empowered and their lives transformed.

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