Hopeness (putting on a tie) with her friend. 

It was a year of death, where the clouds were still being white. Many people were worried because of this. There was no food; no rain and there was no hope for the people. I too was worried that I will not enjoy my Christmas and the New Year. This unforgettable year was 2015, granaries had no maize.

In the previous year’s many people had cut down trees for useless things like charcoal and to make curios for sale to tourists. As a result, we had famine. This was a sign that God the creator was not happy with what we did. Yes, we suffered. Many people lost their lives. In our village, almost five hundred people died, leaving us hopeless, distressed and hunger. 2015, was indeed an unforgettable year.

The loss of lives, to me, meant that God was angry and He decided to let the year go without any rains. Clothes were dirty and stinking; houses were dirty, and everything was dirty. It was until 2016 that our village received rains.

After the 2015 experience, I realized that it is my duty to report people who cut down trees carelessly to the authorities. I do this because I am afraid that God; the creator May punish us again with drought if we continue destroying his creation. From that year I learned, that people are punished because of the bad things they do.