Remember Padana?

In 2013 when we opened the doors of our After-school program (ASP) to kids of Salima, we did not anticipate the overwhelming number of kids that we have today.

But on that mild afternoon, a small 8 year old Padana Nkorongo was one of the kids who courageously pioneered the Cornerstone ASP.  In our maiden newsletter in our maiden newsletter in July 2016 there was a story of Padana graduating from the ASP in anticipation of secondary school.

Padana captured in 2013 at the After-school program

To us at Cornerstone, Padana’s completion of primary school meant we had finished our role in her life and she would now fly away to pursue secondary education elsewhere, but God had anointed Cornerstone to be a blessing to Padana’s life.

Last September she wrote entrance examinations at the Cornerstone Christian High School (CCHS) and was successfully admitted to be part of our second intake.

But what’s the amazing story about Padana?

For the two terms that she has been part of the ‘butterflies’, her colors have shone brighter than all the girls in her class.

And for Padana’s success in the first term, Urban Promise International awarded her a school bag and some school supplies. Then to her surprise, Pastor Laura Colee who is her sponsor also brought her gifts in appreciation of her academic exploits.

Padana’s success is an indication of the benefit that kids can reap once given a good start at early education.

We believe there are many Padana’s in the streets and villages in Salima. All they need is God’s grace to be washed from the dirt where the gold within them has been covered by mud.

As Padana progresses to Form 2 once the school opens in September, we pray that the Lord gives us grace to reach out to as many Padana’s as possible.

Author: cornerstonemalawi

Cornerstone Ministries’ vision is to create a better community in Christ where children and youth are empowered and their lives transformed.

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