Stories that inspire hope- meet Honest Lungu

By Honest Lungu.

In the journey of life, many things happen. I am Honest Lungu, born in Salima Traditional Authority Makanjira, born to a Muslim family, my dad passed away when I was 3 years old and my mom followed him when I was 6.

My life has been so hard since I had no one to stay by my side, then my aunt and her husband jumped in and took me and my sister to their home, by then my sister was almost 2 years of age. I worked hard during my primary education though there were a lot of people discouraging, even the guardians themselves. Then my school attendance was sparing due to some jobs that I was given to do and be absent from school. Then my uncle took me to stay with him in Lilongwe where I was going to a good school as compared to the one I attended previously.

In the year 2010 when I was repeating my standard 7, that was when I got saved by the grace of God Almighty. That was the point I realized that life had started, because I was beaten, mocked to the extent of about to be killed just because I changed religion to Chris. By the grace of God, I wasn’t killed but I was sent back home. There I started striving to live because everyone refused to take me into their home. I was then given a choice to choose either be one of them by turning to either return to Islam or stay alone with no one to help. I started doing some manual works to find soap, clothes and other necessities for me to go to school.

Then there was this other teacher who took me in, my uncle accepted but after hearing that I’m still going to church he came and warned the teacher saying he must chase me out of his house because I did not start staying there for church but school, and he said if the teacher doesn’t chase me out, if anything happens he will be answerable. He chased me but I did not go back to the village instead I started collaborating with a friend who was self-boarder because my heart was about going to secondary school though I did not have an idea of where will the fees come from.

I passed my standard 8 examinations and I was selected to Matenje Community Day Secondary School, where I was worried about tuition fees but God made a way. He used other well-wishers whom I do not know up to date for me to learn. I was self-boarding and I was again struggling to survive then I bought a film camera with the money I was given by my church pastor. I started a photography business which I depended on to survive

After meeting some good people who inspired me on how good is school nowadays, I grew a hunger of going back to school. I started applying to various schools; fortunately, I was selected to Polytechnic continuing education center. I applied to pursue community development course with the aim to changing people’s mindset for better, in the sense of, educating people on how they should look at the things that they believed in the past years and how the world is changing.


My vision is to work with the community, educating them on how they can develop their lives as well as their community, encouraging their sanitation, empowering them, and above all showing them the love of God. Am interested in the community because I can see out there a lot of young people living in the hard lives as I am, others find it more difficult than I do. If they can be empowered, they can know why God create them.

The challenge that I am facing much now is a financial challenge.  I am failing to concentrate on school things and engage myself in some works for me to earn a living, which is eating my time for studies.

All in all, I know I have a powerful God whose grace is abundant upon those who trust Him.

Author: cornerstonemalawi

Cornerstone Ministries’ vision is to create a better community in Christ where children and youth are empowered and their lives transformed.

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