Will you help build for our scientists?

Cornerstone Christian High School has become one of the most eye-catching sights in town. But, aside from the beauty of the campus, CCHS students boast a faculty of well-qualified and committed teachers.

Lesia Simaewa, a form 3 student attests this: “Before I came to Cornerstone, I attended my first two years of school in another district. As compared to there, our teachers here are committed. At my previous school, we would knock off at 12 in the afternoon, but at CCHS, when learning is finished, we remain for an hour for studies. This makes CCHS so unique,” commends Lesia. Lesia, an aspiring biomedical scientist says he knows that God sent Cornerstone as the key to open the door to his future. But to be a biomedical scientist, Lesia needs more than committed teachers. “Though I enjoy learning Science subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Agriculture, I get worried that I will never have a chance to experiment in a laboratory using the theories I’ve learned in the classroom,” pleas Lesia. “Further, though we have a few books, our school lacks a library where a student can go anytime to study because we use the same classrooms as a makeshift library when classes are over,” explains the visibly sad future scientist.

According to Cornerstone Christian High School Principal, Chikondi Chabakha, plans are underway to construct a Science laboratory and Library at the school.

“We need around $20,000 to build a complex which will house the laboratory and library. During the 2018 Giving Tuesday campaign, we raised enough funds to launch the project, and we continue to ask other supporters to join in contributing to our campaign,” says the Principal.

Our students need a laboratory for Science experimentations like this one


Salima district is located along the shores of Lake Malawi and has a population of around five million and has over 30 secondary schools. Sadly, out of all the secondary schools, only two have Science laboratories. That means during Science practical exams for the government standardized examinations, over 4,000 students, representing all schools in the district, cram into or wait for two laboratories. More importantly, it means almost 90 percent of the students have their first experience using a Science laboratory during their examinations. They are forced to prove their knowledge in an area they’ve never practiced before. For students like Lesia, that is their biggest scare.

“Our friends at Chipoka and Salima secondary schools (the only schools which have Science laboratories) are able to practice every day; but for us, we study without having a hands-on experience of the wonders of Science,” Lesia complains.

As Cornerstone Christian High School’s reputation flaps its wings and soars, consider being part of this wonderful story and help us build a Science laboratory and Library to help Lesia achieve her dreams.

Author: cornerstonemalawi

Cornerstone Ministries’ vision is to create a better community in Christ where children and youth are empowered and their lives transformed.

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