Thank you for providing us with light

By Chikondi Chabakha.


It is such a great lift to have solar power at our campus… It is like a dream.

Electricity has transformed our school in more ways than I could describe in one paragraph.  Every day we are singing the song of transformation, not only of the lives of our students but also of the improvement of the teaching process itself.  Gone are the days when computer lessons would end whenever laptops ran out of power.  Again, gone are the days when teachers would miss a few minutes of their lessons because they had to briefly step out of the campus to charge their phones.  As if that’s not enough, power on our campus has improved the learning condition of students with sight challenges, because the classrooms have proper lighting all day.  And due to the same lighting blessings, so many students could study till 10pm at night, especially those who stay near the school. One would lightly say that our school has become a light oasis.

The CCHS Principal admiring the newly lit Science laboratory

We can foresee a great improvement in the grades of our students in this coming term.  On top of that our administrative operations run more efficiently now because we can charge our laptops.  Previously all the work that needed the computer would only be done during the first three hours of the day because that’s how long our laptop would store power.  I can’t be more grateful for the luxury of working late. It’s been so exciting to the point that one day I knocked off at 10:00 pm.  This development still feels like a dream to this day.  We are so grateful to God for blessing us through you our friends and partners.



*Chikondi is the Principal at Cornerstone Christian High School.

Author: cornerstonemalawi

Cornerstone Ministries’ vision is to create a better community in Christ where children and youth are empowered and their lives transformed.

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